Create new strategies.

Innovate your capabilities.

Cultivate great opportunities.

Sally Ng, as interim ED at PEI Startup Zone, was instrumental in setting up its operations and community connections that paved the way towards a thriving innovation ecosystem for PEI.
— Valerie Fox Chief Innovation Consultant at The Pivotal Point

An entrepreneurial spirit will make your organization grow.

Whether your organization is brand new and trying to thrive or already a pillar of your community, the need for growth is universal.

We create tailored incubator programs designed to take your established success and get the most out of it.

Our accelerator strategies cut through the noise and put your team where they need to be. We've had outstanding success in cities all over Atlantic Canada.

“Innovation doesn’t happen because someone tells you to ‘innovate,’”
“It’s nurtured and developed. Policy can definitely help leverage it, but people need to want it.”
— Sally Ng

Your big idea is more achievable than you may believe.

Change isn't easy, especially in organizations that already enjoy established success. Those who enjoy success the longest pay attention to these critical factors.

-Needs and boundaries. How to define and understand the problems facing individuals and communities in pursuit of a solution.

-Networks of like-minded individuals. Effectively collaborating with locally available resources and similar initiatives.

-Identifying whether your efforts are merely duplicating those of another organization. Approaching that organization to join or reform it.


The successful startup venture needs a strong working methodology, the clarity and market knowledge to make key relationships and a strategy that adapts according to a rapidly changing world.

This is where we come in.

Sally is an incredible team motivator & great connector. She is very well connected in the Tech sector around the world. She works very closely with teams to help identify areas she can add value or help you identify others who can. I’ve worked with Sally in many roles (as an event facilitator, event planning, and strategic consulting) and I highly recommend her. I love brainstorming on challenges with her and I regularly connect with her to explore new ideas and growth strategies. Straight to the point & very growth oriented. One of my favourite people to work with!
— Sarah Murphy Founder & CEO, Sentinel Alert